“Fantastic!! My bedroom, closets and dressers were disasters. I would just look at them and shut the doors. Had no idea what I had or where it was. Finally decided I could not tackle this alone, so I called Beth. Best idea I’ve had in a long time.

She got back to be promptly and I described my situation. We arranged a time for her to come over. She quoted about 5, maybe 6 hours total, and that I would not have to be there the whole time if I did not want. I stayed, (mostly because it was so much fun to see what I actually had. I spent a lot of time saying” wow,  I don’t remember buying that. Or wow, I didn’t know I had that.) I also tried on lots of clothes and shoes to help decide if I wanted to ” keep or donate”.  Ended up with 5 bags of garbage and 16 bags for donation, plus about $500 worth of clothing with tags on it to return, and several purses taken to a consignment store. ( hey, every little bit helps.)

It took a total of 6 hours. Totally worth it!! Beth worked the whole time. And did the final organizing and folding and hanging and rearranging. She made great suggestions on how and where and why to store things in certain places. The room looks so great now, clutter free and clean and fresh. So easy to find what I am looking for.

I can’t wait to use her on my next project, probably the “guest room” or the kitchen and pantry.  Awesome lady, awesome concept and awesome job!!”

Sharon – Davie, FL

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First off, its unfortunate, but good service in Miami can be tricky to find. I found Beth on a random google search and called the number on her website. She answered herself and we spoke for about 20 minutes. That alone set a great impression on the type of business she runs. I hadn’t done any other research and never hired an organizer before, but went with my gut and had her come to do my husband and I’s walk in closet. I sent her a photo, and along with some commentary about the items, she was able to give me a 3-4 hour estimate. She stayed true to her estimate and even gave me a 15 minute heads up before we hit the 4 hour mark. She did not take advantage of time whatsoever and that was greatly appreciated.
As far as her work, I was amazed. Beth has a way of looking at things and breaking it all down to categories and where items should be. She did all the work herself, and asked for input along the way. Our closet now has empty spots available (which was incomprehensible prior to her visit) and everything has a place. It was very well worth the money and we will likely hire her again for a couple other areas of the house.

Rosanna – Miami, FL


“I met Beth Levin when I was faced with having to sort out and dispose of my recently deceased cousin’s personal property located in Hollywood, Florida. What made it even more complicated was that I lived in New York City, didn’t know a soul in Hollywood, and had a limited amount of time to spend there. That’s why I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to Beth, who turned out to be such a valuable asset on this enormous task. Beth immediately put me at ease with her calm and caring demeanor and her ability to immediately prioritize the steps needed to be taken. She quickly got on the job making calls to her contacts, some of whom would eventually play a role in helping me accomplish what I needed. Every minute we worked together was used efficiently, smartly, and even enjoyably! Beth guided me through everything from sorting personal papers and possessions to selling furnishings. Everything I needed to do was accomplished without fuss in a surprisingly short amount of time, which got me back to NY as quickly as possible. I couldn’t be more pleased with Beth’s excellent assistance and I highly recommend her as a superb professional organizer.”

Karen – New York City

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Dear Beth,

I just wanted to send you a note to recognize your exceptionally outstanding services. Over the past years, I have experienced excellent service from many vendors that I have worked with in my career, but in this case, I believe that an extra note of commendation is in order.

In the past 20 years that I have been a residential realtor and sold over $50 million of properties, I have interfaced with many vendors in multitudes of business formats, including professional organizers around the country. I have almost never experienced anyone as proficient as you. You could literally write a book entitled: “How To Be An Outstanding Professional Organizer From A To Z!” I could never have gotten my mom’s belongings organized and shipped here so our family could be together without your compassionate and thorough help.

From the moment we first started to interface, your extremely outstanding attitude, follow-though, friendliness, clarity, knowledge, professionalism, and persistence are in my opinion on a scale of one to ten: a clear one hundred. I am astounded and thrilled to receive this level of superb service so consistently, but that’s exactly how I treat my customers too.

I hope that anyone who is considering hiring a professional organizer and is reading this letter will use your services. Do not wait any longer. Just go for it and get it done. You won’t regret taking these tasks on and you will be utilizing the services of a top-notch professional organizer who delivers what she promises – and I promise you’ll be writing a testimonial letter too!


Ellis – Annapolis, MD

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“I hired Beth to help me move while I was pregnant. Not only did Beth start where I was moving from, by going from room to room with me to avoid packing things I didn’t need, but she packed the boxes for me! Once I arrived in the new place, she helped us unpack all of our boxes in one day. (I know the boxes would remain unpacked to this day had she not done this with us!). Since I am especially challenged, she also figured out where to put all the stuff in the new place. Moving is stressful as it is, but moving while pregnant is a whole new level of stress! Thank you Beth for being a Godsend to us. We look forward to working with you again soon!”

Nili – Miami Beach, FL

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Dear Closet Queen,

Ever since you came here five days ago, I feel like a whole new person – unencumbered by a messy living space that served as a barrier between me and the rest of the world.

I was drowning in a sea of clutter until you waved your magic wand and rescued me. You are methodical, persistent and good a zeroing in on the problem and finding a solution. You helped provide the discipline and ability to prioritize that I just don’t have. I tell everyone about your helpful service.

Thank you,

Karla – Miami, FL

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Dear Beth,

It’s hard to believe, but it is a year since my brother died and my daughter and I came to Miami for the sad tasks that awaited us. So my brother is much on my mind these days, as well as everything that happened a year ago.

I wanted to thank you again for your extraordinary help in dealing with my brother’s apartment. It was just awful and so sad. Remembering how it looked that first day was really diagnostic of how profound his pathology.

I know that rarely – if ever – have you walked into a situation that even remotely resembled what we found there. I will always be grateful for your help, take-charge attitude, and the huge amount of work you did organizing the resources we needed.

Best wishes,

Alice – Boston, MA

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Dear Beth,

I want to thank you for those long tedious hours that you spent trying to organize ten years of files. Your experience and ability helped me get through a nightmare. You are the best gift I ever gave my business.

Thank you,

Jason – Miami Beach, FL

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Dear Beth:

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you what a pleasure it has been working with Closet Queen. You completed a project for my client and it came out perfectly.

You are responsive, knowledgeable and professional. All of that would be enough, but you are more than that – you are bright and a joy to work with.

To your future clients, I would like to say that they can feel secure in the hands of your company.

All the best,

Ellen – Miami Beach, FL

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It is amazing how Beth can organize, pack, unpack, know what to get rid of and at the same time she helped keep me focused on the present project. I would hire her again when the need arrives.

Randie – Davie, FL

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Very knowledgeable and thorough.

Stacy – Davie, FL

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I highly recommend Closet Queen. Beth is prompt, professional & very skilled. You always feel good after working with her because the task you set out to do is always completed & the space she organizes always looks better than before. She also encourages the client to get rid of unnecessary items but always in a kind manner. I’ve used her services about three times already & wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again.

Janie – Miami, FL

I finally made it to my new home in Charleston thanks to the Closet Queen. I was moving into a smaller apartment out of state and was overwhelmed and could not budge. The Closet Queen helped me tremendously and gave me the “tools” to continue after she left. Many thanks!

Teddy – Miami Beach, FL


Not only did I have 13 years worth of documents piled sky high to organize, I had a VERY HIGH anxiety level after a death in the family.  Beth remained calm and focused the whole time and managed to sort, organize and shred the whole mess until it fit into two well organized file boxes.

Not only is it a relief to finally have a filing system, I can sleep well at night knowing that if anything happened to me, my relatives can get my affairs in order without having to dive through a pile of papers.

I look forward to designing my home office with her!

Jeannie – Miami Beach, FL


I love organization, but I simply had not been able to achieve it.  I start a project and get overwhelmed and I give up half way.  I  had been so busy in 2014 and I knew the Holidays were coming and had know clue where to start looking for my decorations.  Rummaging through my garage was not something I was looking forward to.  So I knew my circumstances were not going to change unless I got some assistance.  I called Beth from Closet Queen and explained my situation.  I told her that I simply had no time to help her sift through my things because I had finals and I needed her to do most of the work.  She was so helpful and tried not to bother me through the process.  I explained that most of the things in my garage was for entertaining, floral design and holidays.  She asked me how I wanted to group things together so it would be easiest for me to find.  She gave me suggestions and with my approval off she went.  She organized things in a logical order, placed them in bins and labeled them.  I was so happy with the work she did that I asked her to help me organize my closets and kitchen pantries  and my make up case.  She made suggestions on buying kitchen binz and gave me a great idea for my make up dilemma.  She emailed me several ideas for a make up table that would fit in my bathroom.  OMG I could finally stop rummaging through the dark hole that I had for a make up case.  Now everything has its place and my make up is easily accessible with the see through containers.  I will definitely be calling her back for maintenance.

Emily – Miami, FL