As a professional organizer since 2001, Beth Levin, The Closet Queen specializes in helping clients gain control over their belongings and their lives.

Whether you are looking to organize a closet, room or entire home, I provide personalized and confidential services to make the process easy.  Many people find the prospect of organizing a daunting one and think “if only I had more space, then I would be organized.” I’ve worked with people who have lots of space and you know what? They just get more stuff. By being organized, you can maximize your current space, whatever the size.

An important philosophy of mine is about simplicity. We take on too much, have stacks of To Do’s that never get done and then we feel badly about ourselves. If clutter is surrounding you at home, it’s hard to feel great about being in your space. If we simplified and pared down a little, the world could slow down a bit.

The organizing process is easier than you think and all decisions are made by you, with my expert guidance and support.


Happy Organizing!